April 3 2014.

Malossi's range of performance variators and Kevlar drive belts are available for all capacities of scooter from 50cc through to 850cc. Their vast range also caters for owners of the new Kawasaki J300 Maxi scooter.

The variator is one of the highest load bearing items in the scooters transmission and as wear sets in, vibration and damage to other transmission components can result. The Malossi Multivar Variator has been designed to offer a more consistent and reliable shifting process, with redesigned face and roller ramp angles to obtain the very best power transfer from the scooters engine, whilst offering an extended service life.

The variator is supplied with all required components required for the upgrade with the rollers, sliders and spring included in the kit.

Fitting both the variator and Kevlar drive belt together results in a highly reliable and smooth shifting transmission set up that owners will truly appreciate.

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