April 4 2014.

Goodridge closed its Silverstone facility earlier this week and here the company's chief executive Jon Hourihan explains why;

"As of April 2nd 2014, Goodridge will close our Silverstone facility.

This is no reflection upon our recent announcement to engage more and improve our motorsport business within Europe.
We have seen our business grow and the demands of our customers have become more specialised and focused to produce complete engineering assemblies, not just hose and fittings.

The rationale to focus on engineered products: where we have the equipment and machines to bend alloy or stainless hard-line; and braze or weld assemblies, in our Exeter facility, allows us a far more efficient delivery to our customers.

The Goodridge mobile van is active and can be in a customer’s premises to help with installation support. That combined with a large network of distributors who can assemble products, acts as a further assistance to our customers.

We have plans to instruct a ‘G’ Tech centre within 20 miles of Silverstone to add flexibility required within this market. This information will be released in the near future.

In truth the discussion and subsequent decision about our Silverstone facility was instigated by our customers, and as a customer focused organisation, we do believe in listening to the market leaders that we provide our products and services too.

Thank you to our customers for their ongoing support and understanding while we rehouse equipment, stock and other assets to the headquarters at Exeter.

If you require any further information, please contact your Account Manager or email: -  

Jon Hourihan
Chief Executive"