April 7 2014.

Leading independent UK motorcycle distributor Feridax has launched Mudbuster; an all-new range of environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Manufactured in Northern Ireland using 100 per cent UK sourced products, Mudbuster is endorsed by global motorcycle stars including Josh Brookes and it aims to challenge the big players in the cleaning products market.

The products contain natural degreasing and waxing agents which perform to a consistently high standard. This unique wax is made of natural Carnuba bases and is then blended with raw cinnamic acids and fatty acids to produce what Ronald Young, Mudbuster MD, claims to be an unrivalled deep clean and finish.

The Mudbuster range of products can be used to clean most materials including specialised equipment including carbon coating, or certain billet materials that may not be factory produced. The products conform to the latest Global Harmonisation Systems and are licensed accordingly.

Mudbuster is currently sponsoring the Suzuki and JAR Honda British Motocross teams for 2014 as well as Johnny Rea, Alastair Seeley, Martin Barr, Neil Prince and Gordon Crockard.

For stocking information and availability call Feridax sales on 01384 410384 or email info@feridax.com. For product information visit www.mud-buster.co.uk