April 16 2014.

The group behind the Motorcycle Off-Road Experience (MORE) is giving another 400 people the chance to try off-road riding for the first time.

A four day mini ‘try out’ festival will be held at the AMCA’s track - Bevercotes in Nottinghamshire, between Friday June the 20th and Monday June the 23rd. Places for either a morning or afternoon session will be allocated on a first come first served basis with booking via an online system, run by the Motorcycle Industry Association’s (MCIA) contact centre.

The booking system will go live at 10am on Saturday 10th of May.

In response to requests from female rider groups, there will be a dedicated ‘women only’ session on the morning of Friday 20th of June.

A charge of just £25 will be made for each booking, which includes all equipment, training and bikes.

What’s different to previous years?
• The day for ‘live’ registration has been moved to a Saturday instead of a weekday, to make it easier for people who work during the week to register.

• The venue has been moved further north to Nottinghamshire (last year it was in Northamptonshire), to make it more accessible for people living in Scotland and the north of England, though it is open to anyone from any part of the UK over the age of 16.

Trainers include Dave Thorpe for Honda, Mick Extance for Kawasaki, Ady Smith for KTM, Neil Prince for Suzuki and Barry Johnson for Yamaha.

Wannabe off-roaders are advised to book as soon as the registration opens, as most places for last year went within the first sixty minutes of going live.

A dedicated website explains the formula of the event and introduces the trainers, manufacturers and sporting bodies behind it.