April 17 2014.

A road policing inspector who tragically lost his father in a motorbike collision has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of riding while tired.

 Dave Mangan from Lancashire Constabulary has created a short film about his father Mike’s last ride which is being shown to bikers across the county as well as in Cumbria, North Yorkshire, Avon, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.

72-year-old Mike Mangan, from Bolton, died in September 2013 at Wheddon Cross, Somerset, when he was involved in a collision with an oncoming vehicle while overtaking. Mike, a retired electrical engineer, was on the last 10 miles of a 320-mile journey and his family believes that tiredness was a contributory factor in his death.

‘Mike’s last ride’ tells the story of the day of the fatal collision and offers advice on how riders can stay safe on the roads.

Inspector Mangan, who was with his father at the time of the fatal collision, said: “My Dad was a keen and experienced biker. He was a trained advanced motorcycle observer and used to teach other motorcyclists how they could stay safe on the roads.

“We have decided to use this tragic incident to help educate other riders. If it reminds just one biker of the dangers faced by riding whilst tired, then it will be a success.

“When bikers are making a long journey, towards the end they may start to feel tired and lose concentration. It is really important that riders recognise this and adjust their riding to the conditions.

“Even experienced riders can make errors of judgment which can result in serious consequences.”

Officers from Lancashire Constabulary are attending bike meets across the county to let bikers know about the campaign. The video is also being shown to bikers at these meets.

A series of messages are being published on Lancashire Constabulary’s Facebook and Twitter accounts with the hashtag #mikeslastride. Adverts are also appearing on Facebook and leaflets distributed to raise awareness of the campaign.

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