April 17 2014.

The Datatool TrakKING GPS/GSM tracking system continues to go from strength to strength, with March 2014 being the best month on record for activations of new TrakKING units.

Dave Plummer, Datatool Brand Manager, explains, ‘The market for GPS tracking is finally maturing, with retail customers having a greater understanding of the real benefits of installing a Thatcham approved tracking solution. It’s not like an alarm, which is a hardware sale; tracking is about the service the customer is subscribing to. Customers very quickly get used to having the peace of mind that someone will be there on the end of the phone, working with the Police and tracking their bike in their hour of need.’

With a recommended retail price of just £179.00 plus installation Datatool TrakKING is now providing that peace of mind to an increased range of customers. Historically GPS tracking has been the preserve of large capacity, high value bikes but with an installed price of around £249.00 and a low annual subscription of £99 per year, TrakKING is now being used to protect lightweight and mid-range bikes as well as the exotica.

Dave continues, ‘We’ve seen a significant shift in the value and capacity of bikes being fitted with TrakKING this year. If you take the Honda range for example, we have literally every model from a Vision 110 through to Fireblade SP with TrakKING installed and the same is true for the majority of the other brands on the market. The reality is, the customer who buys a 125 to commute is likely to suffer far greater inconvenience and potential loss of earnings if their bike is stolen than the owner of a Panigale used for track days only.’

Datatool TrakKING is a Thatcham approved, GPS/GSM tracking system suitable for all bikes/scooters with a 12v battery and an ignition switch. The system has been designed to draw zero current in standby mode making it suitable for bikes/scooters with small capacity batteries and is a simple, three wire installation requiring just live, earth and switched live connections.

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Interested dealers should contact Dave Plummer on 07770 303676 or email