May 2 2014.

The latest animated film to be released as part of the TWIST motorcycling campaign features a harassed mum on the school run who, despite her best efforts to focus on the task in hand, is hopelessly distracted by her two boisterous offspring in the rear of the car – with disastrous consequences.

The TWIST campaign encourages riders to take additional post-test training in order to improve their riding skills and learn to anticipate the mistakes made by other road users.

The animated films which are at the heart of the campaign use humour to highlight the dangers bikers face, and the consequences of a collision - irrespective of whose mistake leads to the incident.

The films are designed to attract riders to the TWIST campaign website where there are details of local and regional post test courses across the country.

TWIST2 was launched on 7 April and since then the training pages on the campaign website have been viewed more than 1,000 times.

The latest film, which went live on 25 April, is the second of four in the second phase of TWIST activity.

The first film in the TWIST series, which was launched in May 2013, has now attracted almost 28,000 views on YouTube.

Road safety teams are invited to provide details about training opportunities in their local area for inclusion on the TWIST website – to do so please contact Simon Rawlings, TWIST project manager, on 01379 650112.

To see the film ad CLICK HERE   -  To visit the TWIST website CLICK HERE