May 7 2014.

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) has announced that the Get On campaign is entering phase three, which it has indicated will involve a redoubling of effort to attract new audiences to motorcycling. Central to this goal is a commitment to keeping the Get On website regularly updated with news and information. “The focus will be on ensuring that those enquiring about motorcycling on the internet quickly find Get On and are then directed to the target of their enquiry,” states the MCIA press release.

The emphasis on free rides will be gradually reduced, with, instead, greater effort towards providing advice and directing interested parties towards dealerships. “The MCI Board agreed that the Get On information hub is a vital component of the current resurging market,” the release continues “and that the support of all members and resource was needed to ensure that information was available and internet enquirers were first directed to the Get On website and thereafter to where their enquiry would be best satisfied.”

The commitments of Get On phase three are stated as follows:

• Provide a functional, refreshed information portal (website) for all enquiring about starting or returning to motorcycling on the internet.
• Use search engine optimisation and pay-per-click maximisation to ensure that general enquiries on the internet about entry to motorcycling find the Get On website.
• Ensure Get On becomes an MCIA initiative with the MCI CEO and team leading the programme.
• Ensure that all MCIA members are listed and have a web link to their website homepages, so that they are accessible to the Get On audience.
• List dealers of manufacturing members on the Get On website.
• Establish try-a-bike facility – to include a range of sizes, to support requests from progressive dealers, MCIA members and out of industry opportunities.
• Deliver the Motorcycle Live Get On experience and other ‘intra-industry’ opportunities that arise.
• Maintain Get On Facebook and Twitter accounts; and maintain established Get On community.
• Survey created leads (rides taken) via MCIA contact centre follow-up, so as to create management information.

For more information about Get On, contact Steve Kenward on 07803 896090 or at