May 16 2014.

R&G, the leader in motorcycle damage protection, is very much committed to supplying the trade from stock, with class-leading products that are available for a wide range of machines and with appealing margins.

One example of this from the Alton-based Company is its recently-bolstered range of Radiator Guards. These simple-to-fit and inexpensive products add a vital layer of defence for the expensive and vital cooling systems on a bike, without reducing airflow. A holed radiator isn’t only costly and awkward to fix; it could stop a rider from completing a journey entirely or without causing significant internal damage to an over-heated engine.

Radiators are under attack during every ride from road debris being flicked from the front wheel and other vehicles. But it isn’t just a necessity for street riders as the Radiators Guards are the best way to counteract stones or rubber deposits being thrown up at higher speeds when riding on track or at road races like the North West 200 or Isle of Man TT – just ask McAdoo Racing or Quattro Plant Kawasaki – just two of the many outfits trusting R&G radiator protection in road racing.

With an RRP ranging from £49.99 - £74.99, R&G Radiator Guards are available in either a lightweight aluminium construction or the recently-introduced, heavy duty Stainless Steel option, aimed squarely at the “Adventure” and “Naked bike” sectors.

R&G also offers similar products with its Oil Cooler Guard and innovative Downpipe Grille. First to market with this product, the Downpipe Grille is made with the same philosophy and in many cases can only be fitted when used with a Radiator Guard.

The R&G Radiator Guard range stands at over 200 separate part numbers, covering a huge variety of bikes and is growing each week. Dealers are offered a 20% discount if not carrying stock, including free carriage and much more attractive margins are available to those dealers committed to stocking the world-famous brand.

To find out more about trade accounts, including POS, marketing and all aspects of support that comes with being an R&G dealer, contact Alan Garrett at alan@rg-racing.com or call 01420 89007.