May 15 2014.

Texa has recently launched to the motorcycle market the user-friendly Axone 4 Mini, a brand new compact but extremely advanced diagnostic tool that incorporates most of the functions that have made the Axone 4 a worldwide success.

On the outside, the Axone 4 Mini features an eye-catching yet refined look that emphasises its robust build. On the inside, its architecture is based on a Cortex A8 processor that offers amazing calculation speed and flexibility. This powerful processor accesses and runs diagnostic functions in only half the time taken by the previous generation of processors. Other important features include a 4 GB solid state hard disk and a 16 GB SD card that allows the technician to simultaneously run a number of functions. Because the hardware of the Axone 4 Mini is incredibly versatile, the tool can be continuously developed thereby allowing users to keep abreast of the latest developments in vehicle electronics.

A Bluetooth module allows the Axone 4 Mini to communicate easily with Texa interfaces (Navigator TXT, Navigator TXC, Navigator Nano) and electrical measuring tools (UniProbe and TwinProbe). A Wi-Fi card gives access to the internet. As with all Texa products, the Axone 4 Mini is extremely robust. In fact, it boasts homologation to military standard 810F and a protection rating of IP54. The operating system is also protected against viruses. In short, the Axone 4 Mini is ideal for use in tough workshop environments.

The Axone 4 Mini runs IDC4 PM software which guarantees excellent usability and unprecedented speed, thanks to a special swipe-screen user interface similar to those found on popular consumer electronic products. A highly intuitive graphic interface based on large, coloured icons guides the user through the various diagnostic functions quickly and easily, and the new software even provides direct access to important functions like parameter and state detection, error detection and resetting, component testing and activation, adjustments and calibrations. It also offers access to essential content like technical bulletins, technical data and wiring diagrams to support diagnostic procedures.

Visit www.texa.co.uk for further information.