May 18 2014

Bultaco is back with a solid project and an international team with extensive technological, industrial and commercial experience. The first models will have an advanced electrical propulsion system.

The project will create around 500 jobs, either directly or indirectly, in Madrid at its innovation centre and in Barcelona at its manufacturing plant where in 2015 the first models will be built using Bultaco's own in-house electrical propulsion system 

The LGN Bultaco development team participated in the first World Electrical Motorcycle Championship organised by the FIM in 2011 with a machine that was built in just three months. Competing with teams with a great deal more experience, Bultaco did surprisingly well, taking 3rd in the first Magny-Cours race and 4th in the overall rankings.

The Bultaco Drive Train System (DTS), unlike other electrical two-wheeled vehicles, enables the maximum energy performance to be yielded from regenerative braking. This is possible because the technology applied to the chassis maximises the rear wheels’ adherence during braking, which enables a considerable electrical braking torque to be applied.