July 3 2014.

Swift by name, Swift by sales growth has been the fast-moving story for Swift chain since it was introduced into the competitively priced, quality chain market by leading trade parts supplier WMD in 2012.

Manufactured in Taiwan using a combination of cutting edge design and high quality materials such as specially heat-treated steel, Swift chain offers a higher specification than anything else in its price range, with similar, or even greater tensile strength than the leading brand chain of similar grade.

Incorporating quality with a realistic price strategy makes Swift chains a serious choice for a far wider market, with retail prices starting at just £5.96 for the smallest, shortest, unsealed chain.

Swift chain is available in standard and heavy duty specifications. A heavy duty O-ring chain is available as an upgrade to the heavy duty chain, with O-ring seals to help retain lubrication and cut down on wear by preventing dirt and water ingress to the bearing surfaces of the rollers and pins.

The Swift chain range covers all popular Japanese and European motorcycles, with a cut length listing for over 10,000 different models. They are also available to buy by pitch and length and can be purchased as part of a kit alongside Sunstar or JT front and rear sprockets.

All Swift chains are supplied in standard steel finish and are provided with one spring or rivet link in the box, with spare links also stocked at WMD.

Sample retail prices for Swift chain including VAT:

Honda ANF125-3 Innova 2003: Swift Standard 420x104: £7.88

Honda XL125V1 Varadero 2001: Swift Heavy Duty 520x110: £21.60

Yamaha XJ600N Diversion 1998-2003: Swift Heavy Duty O-Ring 520x110: £ 38.27

Suzuki GSF600S/T/V Bandit – GN77A 1995-1997: Swift Heavy Duty O-Ring 530x110: £53.56

Trade discounts apply. Free UK shipping on orders over £100.

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