May 23 2014.

Newcastle Metro and TFM drive-time presenter Stu Elmore is going full throttle. He’s about to learn to ride a motorcycle . . . and he’s going to let the locals watch.

With the help and support of Newcastle Motorcycles and REALRIDER, Stu will share his journey through CBT and bike test to finally getting on his two-wheel dream machine.

Stu said: “Learning to ride a motorcycle is something I’ve wanted to do since my older/meaner brother told me to stop climbing all over his.”

He added: “Hopefully I’ll pick it up and pass quick enough before the sun goes back into it’s usual hiding spot.”

Project ‘Stu on a Bike’ kick-starts on Tuesday 27 May when he takes to a motorcycle for the very first time on a two-day Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course held at Newcastle Motorcycle’s training facilities.

In passing his theory and practical bike tests, Stu will be able to realise his dream of taking to the open roads, on a brand new Honda CBR650F, in a matter of weeks.

Craig Smith, dealer principle at Newcastle Motorcycles, said: “We’re delighted to be able to help Stu get on a bike. Newcastle Motorcycles is a family-owned and run business that’s been part of the North East for nearly 40 years. During that time we’ve spoken passionately to new riders about their first bikes and enjoyed being there right from the start.”

He added: “What’s even more reassuring is that with some great new technology in the REALRIDER App, we can send riders on their way knowing that once we’ve given them necessary skills to get on a bike, someone else will be watching their back for the rest of their journey.”

REALRIDER is a route recording, benefit-filled Smartphone App, that lets you track your rides, record your points of interest and keeps you safe when you ride alone.

The unique REALsafe technology monitors your ride and, in the event of a crash, sends your last known location and medical details directly to the NHS Ambulance Control Room.

REALRIDER director Andrew Richardson said: “We hope that Stu will never have need of REALsafe, but it’s peace of mind in his pocket, especially for his family, while he continues to master his craft.

“We’re sure that Stu will make use of the route tracking facility in the REALRIDER App and he’ll make some new friends in the motorcycle community too. Plus if he’s stuck for inspiration for great rides in his area, he can log on to and view routes that others have recorded that might spur him on.”

Stu’s progress will be captured on film, with clips being released at each stage. He will blog about his experiences, and his instructor, Paul Martin, will share his thoughts on how Stu is getting on.

This unique insight into the world of motorcycling culminates in a two-wheel extravaganza on Friday the 27th to Sunday the 29th of June. Wannabe riders are invited to try a free ride at the Metro Radio Arena, courtesy of the Motorcycle Industry’s Get On scheme.

Local bookings are invited with interested punters being sent to for more information.

Three lucky people will receive a free CBT course and a free 12-month REALsafe subscription thanks to Newcastle Motorcycles and REALRIDER.