July 1 2014.

R&G has released a host of fresh new products to protect and enhance a wide range of bikes this summer.

Headlight Guard £109.99 - Pictured above
The R&G Headlight Guard is the first line of defence for the asymmetric item on the front of BMW’s R1200GS (2013 onwards). Damage from road or trail debris is not only expensive to fix – the standard item is £315 and the LED Headlight is a £940 upgrade – but it could leave a rider without adequate lighting to ride safely.

The R&G Headlight Guard boasts a lens shield constructed from 2mm polycarbonate, which allows high quality light transition with no distortion for maximum visibility. The guard is strong but does not add significant weight and will not discolour over time.

The frame is crafted from a single sheet of Stainless Steel, bespoke machined and precision folded for a superb and exact fit, making installation incredibly easy.

Aluminium Chain Guard £34.99 – £49.99
R&G has introduced a range of Aluminium Chain Guards, beginning with the 1190 Adventure and 1000 V-Strom ’14, with new models added continuously.

A chain with too much slack or a wayward stone flicked up at speed can easily smash a plastic item, so the R&G unit adds a much higher level of strength over standard guards along with a rugged and durable, powder coated finish.

The guards are incredibly easy to install, come with all fittings needed and use the existing mounts.

Red Dust Cover £31.99
Protection for your bike inside the garage from dust and grime! The R&G Dust Cover is now available in red and is made with the single purpose of keeping your bike as clean as the day it left the showroom or simply to keep it in pristine condition while it is awaiting its next ride.

Suitable for most bikes and finished with the R&G logo, these covers are breathable, soft and elasticated. They can also be spun dry.

Mirror Risers £12.99
Riders are not all the same height and do not all ride in the same position, so R&G’s Mirror Risers allow the standard mirrors to be remounted a further 45mm higher to increase rearward visibility.

The Mirror Risers are crafted from 6082 T6 aluminium and are available in M8 or M10 fitments, making them suitable for most bikes with a threaded mirror socket. Easy to fit: simply unscrew your mirrors, screw the adaptor in place, and then refit your mirrors. Supplied as a pair (1x left handed threaded, 1x right handed thread).

Yoke Top Plug £10.99 - £16.99
For bikes with an exposed, hollow steering stem, the R&G Yoke Plug is a ‘must have’ product that conceals the unsightly standard hole with a ‘factory look’ product and prevents water and dirt from building up in this area.
Made from HDPE, its ribbed design ensures a tight fit that won’t move or fall out.
Currently available for eight different machines with more to follow shortly. 

For more information on R&G products, visit or call 01920 89007