July 15 2014.

VE (UK) stock a complete range of scooter tyres and inner tubes from leading German tyre manufacturer Schwalbe. One of the most popular patterns is the Weatherman, an all season scooter tyre that excels in the summer months, as well as cold and wet conditions.

The Weatherman tyre features serrated lugs on the shoulder to inspire confidence when cornering and uses a silica compound for excellent grip whilst maximising tyre life.

Available in 10", 11", 12", 13" and 14" fitments with a whitewall option available in 10",11", and 12" fitments.

Other tyres available in the Schwalbe range include: HS243, HS243 WW, Paceman, Raceman, Raceman WW, Powertrack, and Sportsman.

In addition Schwalbe also manufacture 10" inner tubes with either a Vespa or Lambretta angled valve to further complement the 10" tyre range.

To order or view the complete range of Schwalbe tyres available from VE (UK) visit: (registration required).

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