July 16 2014.

Mustang’s new Solo Spring seat for the Yamaha Bolt combines an old-school look with 21st-century comfort. The seat has a high-quality vinyl cover, marine-grade fiberglass baseplate, and Mustang’s controlled-density moulded-foam for maximum support and comfort. A matching underseat stash pouch is optionally available as well. A hinge at the nose of the seat makes accessing the storage pouch a snap.

Although it looks old school cool, it still offers a reasonable amount of comfort. “It is a Mustang seat, so it not only has to look the part, it has to work,” says Mustang’s marketing director Marilyn Simmons. Priced at only £176.88, the Solo Spring seat also has a retro price tag.

Pouches are priced at £31.12 and Solo Spring hardware is available for retrofit and custom build purposes for £26.66. The customisation process takes less than five minutes, and requires only a couple of simple hand tools. No trimming, grinding or welding required.

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