August 4 2014.

Slinky Glide cables have swiftly become the leading replacement cable brand at trade parts specialist WMD. The rapidly expanding Slinky Glide range is also now available with a stainless steel inner cable for a growing number of machine fitments.

Replacing cables with original equipment cables can be painfully expensive, but Slinky Glide provides a range of superb quality cables at a realistic price.

Constructed to extremely high standards, all Slinky Glide cables are coated with a rust and freeze resistant compound, plus a polyamide lining inside the outer cable which further reduces friction and wear as well as providing smooth operation.

The new, upgraded, stainless steel inner cable helps to reduce the stretching of the cable and increase its resistance to the elements. Rusting is even further prevented and the durability of the cable increased.

Slinky Glide stainless steel cables are available now at WMD at no extra cost to the standard Slinky Glide cables and offer a huge saving on OE cables.

Huge stock quantities of Slinky Glide cables are held in house at WMD and a next day delivery service is standard within the UK.

Sample retail prices for Slinky Glide Stainless Steel Cables including VAT:

Yamaha XT600ZE Tenere 1988-1990 Clutch Cable: £12.95, OE Yamaha: £33.91

Suzuki GZ125W/X/Y Marauder 1998-2000 Choke Cable: £9.95, OE Suzuki: £21.27

Kawasaki EN500A-1 to A3 1990-1993 Clutch Cable: £9.95, OE Kawasaki: £17.43

Yamaha YZF1000R1 2002-2003 Throttle Cable Set A&B (Push & Pull): £24.95, OE Yamaha: £44.77

Suzuki GSX-R600 K7 2007 Clutch Cable: £14.95, OE Suzuki: £28.51

Kawasaki ZX9R (ZX 900 E1/E2) 2000-2001 Throttle Cable Set Pull & Push: £19.96, OE Kawasaki: £32.28

Trade discounts apply.

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