September 3 2014.

Datatool has confirmed that the well-received ‘Upgrade to TrakKING’ scheme has been extended until the 31st of October 2014, giving dealers and customers alike an extended period to benefit from this great money-saving offer.

Datatool is offering a massive £75 saving on the cost of either a 12 month or three year subscription to its state of the art TrakKING GPS/GSM security system.

The offer means that a single year’s subscription to TrakKING will cost just £24, or the three year deal just £204, which equates to less than 19p per day.

The scheme is aimed at owners of older models with alarms that are from 5 to15 years old, however, there is no restriction on who upgrades. Customers with any Thatcham approved alarm who would prefer a TrakKING GPS/GSM tracking system are eligible.

Owners simply contact their local dealer to upgrade their existing Thatcham approved alarm system to a new Datatool TrakKING to receive the discount. What’s more, this upgrade offer is not limited just to Datatool alarms, but ANY brand of Thatcham approved alarm, irrespective of age.

For the dealer this provides an opportunity to up-sell a customer improved security with a comprehensive warranty. The £75 discount promotion costs will be borne by Datatool, so the dealer’s profit margin remains unaffected.

Dave Plummer, Datatool Brand Manager: “We recognise that as technology moves on, we need to make sure our dealer network find ways to enable customers to take advantage of it. A lot of dealers are selling used bikes with older alarms fitted and subsequently bearing the cost of customer problems down the line. This consumer incentive allows the dealer to sell them a more efficient, effective and most importantly more reliable security product at the point of a used bike sale.”

The Datatool TrakKING GPS/GSM system offers the very latest in security technology, constantly monitoring a motorcycle, scooter or quad for unauthorised movement. Owners are initially alerted by SMS text message, whilst Datatool’s 24/7/365 staffed call centre works with the police for a swift recovery.

With a recommended retail price of just £179 + installation, Datatool TrakKING provides owners of all ages and capacities of bikes or scooters the opportunity to benefit from the latest generation theft protection.

For information on the Datatool TrakKING system visit:

Contact Dave Plummer on 07770 303676 or for Datatool new dealer enquires and sales