August 12 2014.

The Biker Down course that is delivered by many fire and rescue teams from across the country will be presented to delegates at the National Road Safety Conference later this year. The 2014 National Road Safety Conference is being hosted by Road Safety GB South East Region, and held at The Grand in Brighton on 25-26 November. More than 170 people have already registered to attend.

Originally developed by Kent Fire & Rescue Service (KFRS), Biker Down provides bikers with advice about what to do if a fellow rider comes off their bike. The course covers scene management, first aid and what works when it comes to making yourself more visible to other road users.

The scene management element is based on operational experience of what to expect at the scene of a collision. The first aid is specific to the type of injuries likely to occur in a motorcycle incident.

Biker Down will be presented by Jim Sanderson, founder of Biker Down, and Lawrence Pater, both from KFRS.

Jim Sanderson has been a firefighter with KFRS for 14 years and a biker for 21 years. He is based Ashford Fire Station and is a member of the Kent Fire Bike team, a DSA motorcycle instructor, and a road traffic collision instructor.

Lawrence Pater is a station manager with responsibility for training within KFRS. He has served 25 years as an operational fire fighter, the last 14 years in command roles.