August 15 2014.

The new abba Pro Sky Lift is a motorcycle work bench and stand all in one and includes a range of fitting adapters to make it suitable for use with over 250 different motorcycles

Workshop technicians will not be restricted when working under a motorcycle as both wheels can (individually) be raised higher off the ground than most standard workbenches will allow, and the bike can be pushed around freely whilst elevated. When not in use the lift takes up a fraction of the space of a conventional bench.

• No permanent modifications or parts; just select the correct fittings from the technicians kit and the bike can be lifted.
• One person, quick and simple operation.
• The bike stays safe and secure as the Sky Lift locks to both sides of the swing-arm pivot for maximum security.
• Wheels, forks, yokes, shock and engine can all be removed, as can the swing-arm.
• The bike can be locked off at maximum height and a secondary lower position for additional safety.
• Takes up less space and allows more access than a workbench/table.
• Access to reach virtually every component on a motorcycle at a comfortable working height.
• Fully manoeuvrable.
• Made in the UK at abba’s headquarters in Essex and includes a full guarantee.

Cost: £442.71 (plus VAT and £11.95 P&P)
Tel: 01245 322331