August 22 2014.

MAG Europe has launched three Küryakyn air cleaners for the Yamaha Bolt; the Hypercharger, Velociraptor and Alley Cat.

The Hypercharger is claimed to be one of the most cost-effective performance modifications available, offering improved performance as well as a striking look. The Velociraptor has a race-inspired design and show-bike styling.

Unlike most velocity stacks on the market, the Velociraptor breaths well and filters the air with its K&N washable element. The super ring insert covers up the mounting bolts delivering smooth airflow into the motor.

The distinctive Alley Cat [pictured above] features include a lifetime high flow Kuryakyn designed K&N air filter element combined with a state-of-the-art backing plate to extract the maximum potential from the engine.

Cost: Alley Cat £354.26. Velociraptor: £189.24. Hypercharger: £238.61.

Contact: 0161 337 4390