August 26 2014.

Following a number of environmental concerns in recent years due to the increased use of tear-offs, the Auto Cycle Union (ACU) has been asked to reconsider the use of tear-offs across all its future off-road sporting events. It has today announced that ,effective the 1st of January 2015, it will ban the use of tear-offs from all its trials and enduro events.

With the increased land access restrictions levied against motorcycle events and due to the fact that so many take place on private and countryside locations, the litter problem has long been an issue with farmers and land owners who use the land for multiple purposes. The ACU Trials and Enduro Committee has decided to enforce the no tear-off rule at its events and this will become a stipulation in the relevant Standing Regulations as printed in the 2015 Handbook.

Following the decision of the ACU Trials and Enduro Committee, the ACU Motocross Committee has also taken the decision to prohibit the use of tear-offs at all ACU motocross events, albeit some 12 months later. The ban will be effective from January the 1st 2016.

Speaking about the different start dates, ACU Chairman Brian Higgins said; "Some may consider it unusual for the Enduro Committee to start the ban in January 2015, whilst the Motocross Department is delaying the ban for a year. The reason is simple. Whilst we all understand the need to rid the countryside of tear-offs, a long forestry lap is more difficult to clear than a 1.5km motocross circuit and whilst the MX Committee would dearly love to implement the ban from the start of 2015, it was felt that a longer lead in time would allow manufacturers the time to prepare and enhance the alternative roll-off system which will obviously still be allowed.”