September 26 2014.

A company in the US has developed an app which establishes communication between cars, motorcycles and bicycles that are in close proximity to each other, in a bid to improve safety for cyclists and motorcyclists.

TheBikeShieldApp is described as a “first layer crash avoidance technology” mobile app which gives car drivers an acoustic signal to warn them about approaching motorcycles and bicycles. The signal is designed to raise drivers’ awareness and reduce the likelihood of a collision with a cyclist or PTW rider.

The app is automatically activated on the driver’s mobile phone when he or she begins using the accelerator.

The app has been developed by a Californian-based start up company, TDG Company, which describes itself as “a group of enthusiastic cyclists and bikers”.

The company’s website says: “We love being on two wheels. We want to breathe cleaner air, we want to live in a less congested area and we want everyone to be happier. But, we want to do it safer.

“We’ve developed TheBikeShieldApp, a vehicle-to-vehicle communication system that takes advantage of mobile phone technology to warn car drivers when bicycles and motorcycles are around. It’s very simple.”

To visit the Bike Shield website CLICK HERE.