October 15 2014.

Trade parts specialist WMD has introduced universal clutch and throttle cable kits from Slinky Glide.

Cables can break at any time and finding a correct replacement can be time consuming work. Slinky Glide cable kits are designed to be cut to length and custom made to replace a broken cable both swiftly and easily, and at a realistic price.

All Slinky Glide cables are constructed to extremely high standards, coated with rust and freeze resistant compounds, plus a polyamide coating inside the outer cable, which further reduces friction and wear, as well as providing smooth and precise operation.

Slinky Glide cable kits have a stainless steel inner cable which helps to reduce stretching of the cable and increases its resistance to the elements and its durability. They are designed for easy use, requiring only a few simple tools and solder to build.

Unlike many cable kits, Slinky Glide clutch and throttle cable kits come with enough cable to allow plenty of leeway when building. The throttle kit includes a selection of fittings so that it can be re-used a second and sometimes third time.

The kits fit most motorcycles and are small and lightweight, providing an ideal solution for travelling emergencies, as well as workshop use. They are also ideal for custom bikes and for bike restoration, where it is often difficult to find correct length replacements.

High stock quantities are held at WMD’s Sussex warehouse with a next day delivery service as standard to UK trade customers.

Slinky Glide Clutch Cable Kit: RRP - £11.95. Kit includes:
• Outer cable of about 135cm
• Inner cable of about 163cm
• M8 adjuster
• Rubber boot
• 2 outer cable ferrules
• 2 nipple barrel sleeves
• 6x10mm nipple barrel
• 8x9mm nipple barrel
• Nipple trumpet

Slinky Glide Throttle Cable Kit: RRP - £13.96. Kit includes:
• Outer cable of about 565cm
• Inner cable of about 535cm
• Adjuster
• 11 small rubber boots
• 2 large rubber boots
• 30 outer cable ferrules
• 4 6x5mm nipple barrels
• 20 nipple carburettors

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