October 3 2014.

A series of short films produced by the THINK! campaign to encourage motorcyclists to take further training has attracted almost 250,000 YouTube views since launch in mid-September.

The film series, titled ‘Never too good’, features Chaz Davies and Alan Davies, world superbike rider and comedian respectively, and eight regular riders recruited through the THINK BIKER Facebook page and Motorcycle News magazine.

The riders are filmed completing a further training course that covers key principles of advanced riding, including using a planned system of riding, positioning, speed and observation.

The ‘trailer’ which was used to launch the campaign attracted more than 33,600 views; episode one, ‘Back to School’, has to date attracted more than 69,000 views; and episode two, ‘Look, Lean and Roll’ has already attracted more than 143,000 views.

Chaz Davies, who despite racing bikes since 1995 only took his road test this summer, said: “You really are never too good to be a better rider - it’s as simple as that. I’ve been working for 15 years to try and be better on the track and that applies on the road as well.

“There are so many more variables on the road and I think people can get a little bit over confident, but you are never too good. You never know what’s around the corner.

“The training really got me thinking. The instructors pre-empted every situation that I spotted a couple of seconds later. It really showed me the importance of being one step ahead and reading the road.”

To see the video CLICK HERE.