August 30 2012.

Putoline has introduced two new premium entry-level oil products to support its dealers in these difficult times.

The new range introduces S4 a 10w/40 four stroke oil and S2 a new 2 stroke oil.

Both products are aimed at all sectors of the market which include; Road, Off Road, Quads and Scooters.

Jim Moulder Putoline UK Technical Manager commented: "We appreciate in these difficult times that some bikers may try to save money and purchase products from non-motorcycle specialist outlets, such as petrol stations and supermarkets. It is our intention to ensure that our dealers maintain these sales to their customers, so we have introduced the new products to help Putoline dealers achieve this."

Moulder added: "We have negotiated hard with the factory for the S range and they have responded by producing two premium quality oils at a competitive price. Quality was never a negotiating point. As with all Putoline products, these oils have been produced using the very latest additives to ensure the usual Putoline high standards have been reached and quality has not been in any way compromised.

"Putoline Distribution Ltd. has achieved great prices by purchasing high quantities of the new products and reducing profit margins in the Netherlands and the UK, as well as reducing shipping, label and packaging costs."

Both products are now available.

Retail prices excluding VAT are:

S2 1 litre £5.40
S4 10w/40 1 litre £4.99
S4 10w/40 4 litre £16.66

For more information contact Putoline on 01778 349333 or sales@putoline.co.uk