October 16 2014.

Fuchs Silkolene has announced the introduction of Fuchs Silkolene Mag Cool, a long-term anti-freeze and coolant concentrate based on mono-ethylene glycol for use in motorcycle engines, especially those containing the latest magnesium alloy technology.  

Fuchs Silkolene Mag Cool is free from nitrates, silicates and phosphates and is formulated using the latest advanced Organic Acid Technology (OAT). It is designed to protect highly stressed engines from frost, overheating, corrosion and cavitation. Providing frost protection down to -40ºC, Fuchs Silkolene Mag Cool prevents cavitation and provides excellent corrosion resistance and deposit control. Bittering agent included.

Fuchs Silkolene Mag Cool is suitable for use in engines containing magnesium alloys and aluminium as well as all other commonly used materials such as plastics, elastomers and gasket materials.

Ready to use and compatible with plastics, hoses, paintwork and all metals, Fuchs Silkolene Mag Cool comes in a handy 1L pack.

RRP: £6.77 inclusive of VAT.

For further product and stocking information, call Fuchs Silkolene on 01782 203 700 or email contact-uk@fuchs-oil.com  

* FUCHS SILKOLENE will once again be exhibiting at the EICMA in Milan, 6-9th November 2014. Visiting dealers are invited along to find out more about our plans for 2015 and beyond.