October 21 2014.

When it comes to finding high quality replacement belts and variator rollers for all capacities of automatic scooter, the Malossi range is second to none.

Malossi's Kevlar drive belts are renowned the world over. They offer several key benefits over standard belts, with increased grip, increased time between service intervals and reinforced layers to increase belt life, all leading to a more reliable transmission setup. Additionally, Malossi also manufacture the Special belt range, designed as a standard replacement belt far exceeding the specifications of the OE part. Malossi belts are available for scooters from 50cc to 850cc in capacity.

No transmission product range would be complete without a range of transmission rollers that are available, not only in every commonly used size, but also a variety of weights, allowing fine tuning of the power band on a performance scooter. Malossi rollers are available in 22 different sizes covering virtually every transmission currently available. Included in each size fitment are up to 24 different weights, available, (dependant on size), catering for all levels of tuning from standard through to full race use.

Over and above drive belts and variator rollers, Malossi also produce a wide range of performance variators, gear kits, torque drivers, and clutch assemblies, to further maximise the reliability and consistency of the scooter’s transmission. Malossi also manufactures belts and rollers, suitable for OE standard variators.

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