November 6 2014.

Trade parts specialist WMD has expanded its line of cam timing belts to fit a wide range of Ducati models.

The regular replacement of timing belts is necessary in order to avoid wear or failure, and although they can be expensive, a belt failure could prove to be catastrophic. Manufactured in Italy to OE specifications, WMD's range of timing belts for Ducati models are a reliable cost-effective option to expensive OE belts.

The WMD range of timing belts feature a molded cog design with a tough, self-lubricating fabric which increases its resistance to abrasion. A high-tensile strength cord is used to provide length stability, keeping the engine running smoothly. Designed, and tested to cope at high temperatures, they are extremely durable.

High stock quantities are held at WMD with excellent dealer margins, so that swift and affordable replacements can be made. Next day delivery is standard for UK customers.

Sample retail prices for cam timing belts for Ducati models including VAT:

Ducati 900 SS IE 1999-2002 Timing Belt: £49.20

Ducati Paso 750 1986-1990 Timing Belt: £17.76

Ducati M900 Monster 1994-1997 Timing Belt: £23.72

Ducati 851 Strada 1990-1992 Timing Belt: £49.20

Ducati 600 SS 1995-1998 Timing Belt: £17.76

Trade discounts apply.

Free UK shipping on orders over £100.

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