November 28 2014.

Cold weather can be a major problem for riders during the winter months. It’s not just the discomfort factor; it can also be dangerous, especially when low temperatures lead to a loss of feeling and dexterity in the hands. Trade parts supplier WMD stocks a range of effective and affordable products that are designed to combat the multiple effects of cold weather on the hands.

Foam Lever Sleeves at WMD retail at just £1.99 including VAT:
Foam lever sleeves are perfect, low-cost stock items for dealerships and workshops. They provide a simple and swift cure for cold and slippery handlebar levers. Unlike tape, lever sleeves slip straight onto the levers and can just as easily be removed, leaving no sticky residue. The foam material is not only comfortable, but it provides optimum grip, even in heavy rain. The padding also assists in insulating the levers from vibration, which can cause numbness to the fingers.

Vicma Heated Handlebar Grips at WMD retail at £40.00 including VAT:
These rubber grips are easy to install with no glue required. Manufactured using high quality specialist materials to combat cracking and deformation, they are both long-lasting and comfortable. The grips work by steadily heating up while the engine is running, reaching, and then maintaining temperatures of up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Protected by a relay, the switch is safe to use in wet conditions and has a long life expectancy. The heat is adjustable to suit the personal requirements of each rider.

Handlebar Muffs at WMD retail at £28.16 including VAT:
Handlebar muffs are a high-value solution to cold hands and fit most machines with ease. A fleece lining on the inside of the muffs helps to keep hands warm, while a water-resistant outer fabric protects the hands and gloves from wind and rain. Easy to fit, they slip onto and cover the handlebar grips and levers, and can be adjusted for individual fit and comfort. The Vicma grips and these muffs are an excellent combination, completely insulating the outside of the hands while heat is radiated from beneath.

The Full Package:
Fitted out with the full package of foam levers, heated handlebar grips and handlebar muffs, the rider’s hands are guaranteed to stay warmer and drier, making cold weather riding more comfortable and safer. Winter hand warmer solutions at WMD are great products to stock at dealerships, workshops and garages, so you can supply your customers with efficient and affordable accessories that make winter riding more comfortable and safer. And a comfortable and safe customer is a returning customer.

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