November 28 2014.

The Dartford Crossing is being equipped with a new electronic payment system so that motorists will no longer have to stop at a toll booth to pay their charge. The new system, which will be known as the Dart Charge, will operate in a similar way to the London Congestion Charge by recognising and logging vehicles’ number plates, and will be brought online on Sunday morning the 30th of November at 6am.

Whilst, under the new system, standard car charges will increase to £2.50, motorcyclists  will not be penalised and will continue to use the cross free-of-charge. The crossing will remain toll-free for all vehicles every night, from 10pm to 6am.

Cameras mounted on gantries above each lane will record the registration plate of every car that passes beneath. Each registration number is logged, and the charge against that registration number must then be paid online, by phone, or in selected shops. Drivers can also opt to set up a pre-paid account, which is associated with the car’s registration, or can pay in advance by post.

If the charge has not been paid by midnight on the day after a crossing is made, a penalty charge is then applied, notice of which is sent to the driver by post.

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