December 12 2014.

Suspension specialist K-tech has introduced three new upgrades for the popular Kawasaki EX250 and 300 Ninja models.

IDS Front Fork Cartridges Kawasaki EX250/300 Ninja
Replacement Front Fork Cartridges to fit Kawasaki EX250 and EX300 Ninja with adjustable Spring Preload, Compression and Rebound Damping. Manufactured using the highest grade materials and processes these replacement cartridges have hard anodised cartridge tubes and chrome piston rods to prevent wear and contamination in the damping system. The cartridges require K-Tech fork springs .

Front Fork Springs for Kawasaki EX250/300 Ninja Cartridges
Front Fork springs to be used with Kawasaki EX250/300 Ninja IDS Cartridges available in Rates from 6.0N to 10.0N

Razor-R Rear Shockabsorber EX300 Ninja
The new K-Tech Razor-R rear shock comes with Compression and Rebound damping adjustment, Length adjustment and Spring preload adjustment. The shock features a 35mm piston and 14mm piston rod giving maximum displacement for optimum damping control.

This is only available for the EX300 Ninja model 2013>.

Visit www.k-tech.uk.com for more information.