December 18 2014.

The SpeedAngle GMOS JI100 is an affordable, complete display and datalogging package for riders looking to measure and record a motorcycle ride in a similar way a MotoGP team does - be it on the road or track.

Now available from R&G, the simple to install and use GMOS unit costs £299.99 and uses GPS technology and sophisticated sensors to offer riders the ability to display and record the 3D motion of a ride, including speed, lean angle and longitudinal G force acceleration and deceleration. 

Used to full effect by Team Honda Racing, who finished 1-2-3 in the 2014 Australasian Superbike championship, for track users and racers, the SpeedAngle also offers a sophisticated lap timer function with many personal setting options including automatic timer start and stop, creating sector times and showing best lap time with time gap.

With the unit being no bigger than a satnav, a rider can choose to mount the GMOS to use as a live information dashboard or tucked out of the way to log the information of a ride. The unit can be installed in many different ways and, thanks to its long-lasting internal battery, the only cables needed are for the lean angle sensor and external GPS antennae (only required if the internal one is obscured).

The user can decide what information is shown on the device’s display, with only two buttons needed to toggle and select from the various options or switch between ‘Road’ or ‘Track’ mode.  Maximum logging time is 7 hours and battery life is up to 14 hours, while the waterproof display features a backlight, so that it can be used at night or in poor light situations. 

The recorded data can be downloaded and then viewed and used in many different ways, including the ability to be overlaid onto Google Maps to visually show the difference between position, speed, lean angle and acceleration and deceleration G forces. For track riders, this could be a crucial tool to help reducing laptimes, as aspects like braking points and force used can be seen. Using third party applications, the data can also be visually represented on top of video.

The contents of the box are a Dashboard unit, mounting bracket compatible with AMPS, Sensor unit and Stand, external GPS antenna along with 3M Dual Lock tape for more basic fitting, along with software and a USB cable needed to download the data from the GMOS.

SpeedAngle GMOS JI100 specifications
Dashboard Dimension: 61.5 mm x 111.5 mm x 20 mm
Dashboard Weight: 135g
Sensor Dimension: 82 mm x 41 mm x 20 mm
Sensor Weight: 50g
Power: 3.7V Li-Ion battery
Working Temp Range: 2°C - 60°C guaranteed
LCD: 132*64 STN display
Screen Refresh Rate: 20 Hz
Interface: USB 2.0 compatible
Battery Life Time: 14 hours max. (without backlit and external GPS Antenna)
Logs: 254 logs max
Max Log Time : 7 hours
Log Resolution: 20 pps for lean angle and G, 10 pps for GPS and speed
Lap Timer Resolution: 1/1000 second
GPS Antenna: built-in and external
GPS Update Rate: 10 Hz
GPS Sensitivity: -159 dBm tracking
GPS Channels: 32 all-in-view
GPS Start Time: 36 sec average
GPS Speed: 255 MPH (410 KMH) max
Longitudinal G Range: +/- 1.5 G
Lean Angle Range: R/L 69°

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