December 22 2014.

Following the introduction of the R nineT based Concept 90 in 2013, both BMW and RSD’s vision of a customisable BMW platform was realised. Functional, high quality parts with big visual impact are the core of the RSD line of BMW parts. RSD strives to give that extra level of quality, one detail at a time, keeping the core of the machine as it was delivered from the factory.

“A major factor in why we chose to design, engineer and produce our line of BMW parts is that we saw that BMW understood the performance vs. customisation idea from a very basic level, from the ground up really. Our collection of products takes advantage of this simplicity and vision to help you realise your version of what a BMW can be,” explains Roland Sands.

The first round product offering to be available in February includes finely machined billet Valve Covers, Breastplate, Gauge Housing, Headlight Bezels, Bar Ends and Plugs in RSD’s trademark Contrast Cut Finish. A beautiful seat line is also available. 

Pricing (Retail): 

Headlight Bezel: £226.00

Valve Covers: £860.00 • Gauge Housing: £362.00

Breastplate: £362.00 • Bar Ends: £51.00

Plugs: From £36.00 • Seats: From £382.00

Availability: February 2015

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