January 19 2014.

Bikesure, Motorcycle Trader's Insurance Provider of the Year, has launched a scheme to provide accidental damage cover in conjunction with third party risks.

Traditionally, only comprehensive, third party fire and theft, and third party only cover has been available to motorists, with those unlucky enough to be refused theft cover, also unable to secure any protection for their own bike following an accident. However, in a move thought to be  unique in the bike insurance market, Bikesure's new scheme will remove that particular insurance obstacle.

Bikesure’s Robert Balls said it was unfair on bikers to rule out accidental damage cover because they may have suffered previous theft claims, or live or work in an area where theft cover is difficult to obtain. “Most insurers will try to maintain theft cover where they can, either by asking for additional security precautions or with a higher excess, but sometimes they will have to draw the line and exclude the cover,” he added. "The side effect is that motorcyclists with a comprehensive policy will also lose their accidental damage cover. There’s really no relationship between the risk of theft and the risk of damaging your bike in an accident, so that’s why we’ve negotiated a deal to retain the accidental damage cover alongside third party risks where it’s impossible to include fire and theft cover.

“Clearly, if you’ve had problems getting theft cover we’ll look to see if there’s anything we can do to provide this cover also but, if we can’t, we can still offer what we believe is the widest cover on the market.”