February 13 2015.

Trade parts specialist WMD is now stocking a line of quality footrest hanger sets at a fraction of the OE price.

Replacing footrest hangers after a crash or workshop tumble can be expensive, but they don't have to cost the earth. Designed as direct replacements to OE hangers, WMD's line of quality aluminium footrest hangers make repair costs considerably less expensive.

Unlike many OE replacements there is no need to purchase parts individually - footrest hangers at WMD are available as complete sets which include the left and right hangers, heel plates and footrest holders where applicable.

Quality footrest peg kits are also available from WMD and include the pegs and the fittings.

A range of footrest hanger kits and footrest kits are available now with huge dealer margins and a next day delivery service as standard.

Sample retail prices for footrest hanger sets including VAT:

Honda CBR600RR 2009 – 2011

Front hanger set: £55.13. OE Honda: £282.77
Rear hanger set: £55.13. OE Honda: £211.51

Yamaha YZF600R6 2006/7
Front hanger set: £55.13. OE Yamaha: £170.68
Rear hanger set: £55.13. OE Yamaha: £110.36

Suzuki GSX-R600 2008/9

Front hanger set: £55.13. OE Suzuki: £267.95
Rear hanger set: £55.13. OE Suzuki: £255.22

Kawasaki ZX-6RR (ZR 600 N1) 2005
Front hanger set: £55.13. OE Kawasaki: £216.88
Rear hanger set: £55.13. OE Kawasaki: £181.75

Generous trade discounts apply.

Free UK shipping on orders over £100.

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