February 9 1015.

Motorcycle security specialists Datatool has secured a deal with The Bike Insurer to promote its GPS/GSM tracking system ‘TrakKING’ to a huge audience. The Bike Insurer provides motorcycle and scooter riders with around 30,000 quotes per month.

For the next three months, starting from 9th of February, each and every one of The Bike Insurer's website visitors will be presented with an overview of how TrakKING can help to protect their bike or scooter and followed up with an offer of a substantial subscription discount.

The deal has been designed to create awareness and drive demand for TrakKING at the point of sale by offering information and a financial incentive for those taking out a policy via The Bike Insurer, without impacting upon the dealer's margin in the product.

Datatool is committed to supporting its dealer network by building awareness and demand for TrakKING and the range of Datatool products with targeted consumer campaigns.

Dave Plummer, Datatool brand manager explains: “We've spent the last 12 months developing the dealer network for TrakKING and have more active dealers than ever before, so we felt it was time to reward those dealers for their support with a retail focused campaign to complement their own promotional activities. Partnering with The Bike Insurer gives us the opportunity to spread the message about the benefits of TrakKING to literally thousands of
pre-qualified potential customers."

The Bike Insurer is the UK’s most popular price comparison site for motorcyclists, helping over 400,000 UK motorcyclists search for insurance every year.

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