February 13 2015

Each year, drugs and alcohol cost British businesses around 17 million working days and more than £6 billion in lost productivity. In the construction sector alone alcohol misuse is estimated to affect 90% of construction firms! 

UK company AlcoDigital supplies police-approved drug and alcohol testing equipment and is urging employers to enforce random workplace drug and alcohol testing. The company believes this will help reduce both fatal and non-fatal injury at work.

With around a third of employees admitting to being hung-over at work and 15% confessing to have been drunk in the workplace, it’s no surprise that resulting problems, for example lack of concentration, reduced productivity and errors, are more common than ever in the workplace.

Says Suzannah Robin, AlcoDigital sales and training director: “In the UK there is no legal requirement for employing organisations to implement alcohol policies, however health and safety at work legislation requires both employers and employees to maintain a safe working environment.”

Drinking and the workplace are rarely a good mix, especially where safety can be compromised. Alcohol is a factor in up to one in four workplace accidents.
Suzannah continues: "We would like to encourage employers to adopt a contract clause for random testing. With this in place it forms basic consent agreement for the employee and may make staff more wary of consuming large amounts of alcohol before entering the workplace.”

For further advice regarding drug and alcohol testing in the workplace or for more information on enforcing a clause in an employee handbook or contract, contact AlcoDigital on 0208 454 7372 or visit www.alcodigital.co.uk