February 16 2015.

Bultaco has appointed José Antonio Garvía as its new Commercial and Marketing General Manager and member of the Executive Committee of Bultaco Motors. Jose Antonio Garvía will be responsible for marketing and after sales of the company.

This is part of Bultaco’s ambitious development plan for 2015, with the manufacture and marketing of the first models of its new era.

José Antonio Garvía has extensive experience in marketing and distribution networks in the international automotive industry, where he has assumed various responsibilities at the highest level in American, European and Korean companies.

Among others, José Antonio Garvía has been managing director of the FIAT group in Spain and the United Kingdom, president of the FIAT group in Portugal, director of KIA Motors Iberia and has been responsible for the creation and development of the distribution network of General Motors in Spain.

José Antonio Garvía stated: "I approach this new stage of my automotive career with much excitement for the future. To share my experience and knowledge of the national and international automotive industry with the legendary Bultaco brand gives me great pride. With pride comes great responsibility. This is the most exciting challenge of my career.”

Born in Segovia, married and with a son, José Antonio Garvía holds a degree in economics from ICADE in Madrid and has a MBA from IESE in Barcelona.