February 19 2015.

VE (UK) stocks a wide range of performance exhaust systems for the majority of automatic scooters currently available, as well as systems for classic scooters, Moto 50/125, and the Piaggio Ape’.

Three of the most popular Maxi Scooter systems are showcased here, and are available for most 125-500cc machines.

Malossi RX exhaust
The “RX” exhaust range is 'E' marked for road use and has been completely developed from the ground up utilising the very best materials available. Not only does the “RX” line feature a vast range of technological advances, it has also been developed to save weight over a standard system. In fact an “RX” system weighs on average just 3.5kg, and with some fitments a weight saving of up to 3kg may be made.

Giannelli G-4
Giannelli’s new "G-4" exhaust systems features a stainless steel silencer and header pipe, and are sold as a complete replacement exhaust system for the majority of popular Maxi Scooters ranging from 125cc to 400cc. The exhaust system weighs on average just 3.5kg, making a huge weight reduction possible when compared to the original exhaust, and in some cases this may be as much as 3kg.

LeoVince GranTurismo
The LeoVince GranTurismo exhaust blends performance and style in a new way, with a sporty exhaust note while maintaining full E marking for road use. Featuring a trapezoidal shape at the end cap makes for a sleek and elegant look. The whole exhaust is wrapped in a stainless steel heat shield giving a further refined look, whilst resulting in a cooler exhaust system.

Internally the exhaust features a mixture of dissipative and reactive silencing technologies manufactured from a silicon-based soundproofing material to guarantee noise reduction from the system.

In addition, the internals of the exhaust have been completely redesigned, as has the dB-killer to give optimum performance and reduced sound levels.

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