July 7 2006.

Pulling a trailer behind a motorcycle might sound crazy, but it makes much more sense than either traditional saddlebags or hard luggage cases.  Space on a motorcycle is very limited and the addition of heavy luggage can affect comfort and stability.  A well-engineered modern motorcycle trailer will not significantly affect handling performance, yet many have a capacity ten times greater than traditional bike-mounted luggage!
Squire built its first motorcycle trailer in 1984, when towing trailers behind motorcycles became legal in the UK.  Since then the company has built thousands of trailers and  sold them to motorcyclists throughout the UK, Europe and even as far away as Japan.  Squire has been successful because it understands that there are three essential ingredients for a motorcycle trailer;
1. A low centre of gravity.
2. A low polar moment of inertia.
3. A rotating hitch. 
When combined, these factors create a stable trailer that won't rock or roll behind the motorcycle and allows the rider to lean freely.  This was proved in 2002 when Motor Cycle News set a world record by pulling a Squire trailer behind a Kawasaki ZZ-R1100 motorcycle at an average speed of 139.5mph (224.5kmh).
The updated D18 trailer is based on this proven design formula, with a fibreglass body on a steel chassis equipped with leading link independent suspension by rubber in torsion.  It weighs just 50 KG, so loads of up to 100kg can be carried before the legal limit of 150kg for trailer & load is reached.  The D18 can carry up to 500 litres of luggage (18 cubic feet) and keep it secure and dry, which is ideal for camping expeditions, festivals, etc.  Watsonian-Squire provides a full factory fitting service and trailers can be produced in a variety of colours. 
Prices start at £1,295 including VAT and a no-risk  dealer incentive program is available for Watsonian Squire products.
For details ontact Watsonian-Squire on 01386 700907 www.watsonian-squire.com

Notes -  It is legal to tow trailers throughout Europe.  In the UK the maximum speed permitted for a motorcycle towing a trailer is the same as for cars at 60 mph (97 kmh).  Watsonian-Squire produces several models of trailer, from 280-735 litres capacity (10 - 26 cubic feet).  Prices start at approximately £1000.