March 4 2015.

KVE42A the K-Venture 42 litre MONOKEY ALUMINIUM TOPCASE (pictured)

Made from 1.5mm thick aluminium, with polymer edges, profiled aluminium internal reinforcements with a high security lock mechanism as standard.

Fits all Monokey plates.

Can now be ordered from Neo Distribution and available from stock.

Retail price £259.95 inc VAT

KVE37APACK2  37 litre side case set  2x ALUMINIUM K-VENTURE SIDECASES
These can be mounted on tubular Monokey side-case holders KL and KLR where it is specified “compatible with K-Venture”. Fitting of side cases is enabled using a conversion kit with quick release and secure quarter turn screws (supplied with case set).

Once mounted it allows opening of the top-shell in at least one of two possible ways,  by either lifting the top-lid, or by removing the top-lid and unlocking it from the rear hinge and sliding it, so that it does not interfere with the top-case or any other part of the motorcycle.
Available late March/ early April.     

Retail price £499.95 per set inc VAT

The K-Venture case set can be displayed using the K6048K showroom stand for 3 Monokey cases, available at £149.95 ex VAT

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