March 12 2014.

The Low Pay Commission (LPC) has recommended to the government that the adult rate of the national minimum wage (NMW), which applies to workers aged 21 and over, should rise by 3 per cent to £6.70 from October 2015.

The LPC’s role is to advise on a rate that protects as many low-paid workers as possible without damaging jobs or the economy. With inflation now forecast at 0.5%, the recommendation would, if accepted by the government be the largest real-terms increase in the NMW since 2007 and would expand coverage of the number of jobs covered by the main rate of the minimum wage to an estimated 1.4m.

In summary, the adult rate would rise 3% to £6.70 per hour; 3.3% to £5.30 for the youth development rate (18-20 year olds); 2.2% to £3.87 for the 16-17 year old rate; and 2.6% to £2.80 for the apprentice rate.

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