March 16 2015.

For 2015, KYMCO has teamed up with REALsafe® Technologies Ltd to give customers a free 12-month REALsafe® subscription code worth £25. From 16th March 2015, this offer will be available on a selected range of KYMCO Scooter and Motorcycle models, giving customers access to a package of safety benefits including the REALRIDER® mobile App.

REALsafe® Technologies Limited is the company behind REALRIDER®, an award-winning mobile App and website exclusively for scooter riders and motorcyclists. The App lets you track and publish your favourite rides or points of interest and keeps you REALsafe® when you ride alone.

The company is the first to develop and deliver a unique crash detection system that’s integrated into the UK Ambulance Service Network. Powered by REALsafe®, the REALRIDER® Smartphone App sends a rider’s location, medical and contact information directly to the NHS following a crash. It’s a completely unique system that saw them pick up a prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in December 2014.

John Rowland, Control Room Systems Manager for the North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust who piloted the service, said: “REALRIDER® is a game-changing application – the first of its kind in the UK. Its technology allows us to locate patients in potentially life-threatening situations with speed and accuracy, which is vitally important in saving lives.”

The App also syncs with a free account at realrider.com where KYMCO customers can discover, review, share, print and download routes to Sat Navs or store a record of their bike and insurance details in an online Garage. Customers can also brush up on their riding skills with hours of on-road video commentary from the best-of-the-best featuring filtering, positioning, reading the road and more.

Ian Kidson, Managing Director of MASCO Ltd, the sole UK importer for KYMCO Scooters, Motorcycles and ATV’S said: “By offering customers a free annual subscription to REALsafe®, a UK only service, we are positively promoting the importance of rider safety. We particularly value the training side of REALsafe®, and hope customers will benefit from having access to this bank of knowledge.”

REALsafe® Technologies Limited recently won the National Grand Prix prize in the GREAT Faces of British Business competition. The GREAT Faces of British Business campaign, run in association with BT Business, recognises find the most innovative and exciting UK businesses.

For further information visit www.kymco.co.uk