April 14 2015.

With over 100 motorcycles being stolen each day in the UK, the need for effective security is paramount. And having the sort of low mileage and high value machines in its press fleet that professional thieves target, Kawasaki has announced that its entire press fleet will now be equipped with tracking location devices.

Expanding its already productive relationship with industry security specialist Biketrac, technicians at Kawasaki Motors UK are now fitting discrete, lightweight tracker units to each machine in the press loan fleet. Using GPS and RF technology, the tracker units are augmented by Master Security vehicle marking making it doubly difficult to take or break up a machine.

Ross Burridge who runs Kawasaki’s press fleet already has direct experience of Biketrac and is looking forward to the entire fleet being equipped. “With its different tracking sources a machine can be traced even if a satellite signal is interrupted. In fact we had a Biketrac equipped trail bike stolen recently that was out on loan. Within an hour the UK based customer support team at Biketrac traced it to a domestic residence in Buckinghamshire, the police attended and an arrest was made.

Adding this level of security to our entire fleet is something that I hope will keep us ahead of those unscrupulous individuals and gangs who prey on motorcycle enthusiasts up and down the UK.”

Biketrac facts
• In 2014 Biketrac recovered stolen machines worth over £800,000,
• Biketrac is officially licensed and endorsed by Kawasaki Motors UK
• Biketrac units are monitored by 24/7 Security Operating Centre
• Records all journeys for the past three months viewable on BING maps
• Dimensions: 100mm x 60mm x 30mm
• Weight: 118g / 4.2oz (100% waterproof)
• Thatcham Certification - Cat 6/7
• Retail cost £299 plus yearly subscription fees and fitment cost.
• Subscription costs - 1 year: £99.99, 2 years: £179.99, 3 years: £229.99