May 5 2015.

The original Denali SoundBomb has been a top-seller from R&G, but now the company has introduced the Split SoundBomb to its ever-increasing range of quality products. Featuring the same ear-splitting 120 decibels of sound as the original version, the Split comes in a more fitment-friendly package, enabling it to be fitted to almost any motorcycle.

Designed for riders who want to be heard, but still maintain the stylish look of their machines, the Denali Split SoundBomb will almost disappear once installed. Whilst a stock motorcycle horn emits around 100db, the decibel scale is not linear, so the Split SoundBomb’s 20db increase over a standard item equates to being four-times louder at three feet away!

The unique design of the Denali Split Dual-Tine SoundBomb allows the compressor to be fitted separately to the acoustic unit, which enables the horn to be mounted on sports bikes, where space is limited, as well as on other, smaller bikes where there was limited space to fit the original SoundBomb.

The compact Split SoundBomb costs just £39.99 including VAT and measures in at just 4.5” wide by 2.9” high and 3” deep and comes complete with a 12 volt, 20-amp relay and requiring an additional mounting bracket and wiring harness. Product SKU: DENTT-SB.10100.B

R&G UK sales manager Alan Garrett adds: “We take motorcycle safety very seriously at R&G, and being heard can be a vital safety aid on the road. Being four times louder than a standard horn, the Denali Split SoundBomb will ensure that riders are clearly heard on the road, whilst being small enough to be unobtrusive on any machine.”

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