April 28 2015.

Commentating on the Conservatives' small business manifesto, John Longworth, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce, said:

"A focus on promoting our small businesses is welcome, as is much of the thinking within the Conservatives' small business manifesto. The commitment to improve access to finance, investing in our rail, road and broadband infrastructure and a major review of business rates are all priorities for businesses around the country and it is good to see them being addressed.

"Alongside these encouraging ideas, there is wiggle room which we would like to see closed. For example, what does it mean to 'respond' to the airports commission? We need more than a response; we need action to expand our airport capacity. The proposals for a permanent increase in the Annual Investment Allowance and cuts to red tape set the right mood music, but we need to see the details to understand how they will be translated into action which helps our SMEs.

"The one element we would like to see more of, is support for established businesses looking to scale up. It is great to help start-ups, but they are not the only businesses in need of support."