May 5 2015.

Last week UK distributor Clements Moto took delivery of its first QUADRO 4 which was immediately assigned to press duties. The first sale units will arrive for dealer distribution in June.

Early Quadro adopting dealers are reporting high enquiry levels on the Quadro 3, already in their showrooms, with initial sales being promising.  

The Quadro 3 differs enormously from current tricycle scooter offerings in that the scooter is built to operate the Quadro patented Hydraulic Tilting System (HTS). Using this innovative system drastically reduces the body weight and lowers the centre of gravity compared to other three wheel products, giving a totally different riding experience.

The arrival of Quadro 4 moves the goal posts to a level never seen before. This is the World’s first ever 4 wheel production scooter. It offers a level of stability and safety unachievable by any other scooter, yet does it with performance and style.  All of this is achieved without killing the enjoyment of riding with the wind in your face - and for the city commuter it is all done within the dimensions of a maxi-scooter.

Dealer territories are still open.  To discover more contact Quadro UK distributors Clements Moto on 01227 720700 or email customer.services@clementsmoto.co.uk