June 2 2015.

Snetterton, on a warm and sunny day, was the venue for the British trade launch of the latest offering of sports tyres from Michelin. Welcoming the Michelin Power Cup Evo, Power SuperSport Evo and Power Slick Evo to the UK, Michelin invited dealers and their racers along to put the new rubber to the test on track at Snetterton.

With over thirty riders and more attendees, dealers were treated to a substantial test of the new tyres over five track sessions spread throughout the day, punctuated with a presentation on the innovative technology behind the new tyres by Technical Manager, Tony Charlton.

Tony said “These new tyres from Michelin all use our innovative Adaptive Casing Technology (ACT) that ensures varying tyre rigidity at different angles of lean. The tyres switch gradually from a flexible crown for straight-line precision, to increasingly rigid shoulders depending on lean angle for optimised cornering stability.

Both the Power Slick Evo and Power Cup Evo (the road-legal version of Power Cup Slick Evo) use ACT which means no more ‘setting up the bike for the tyre’ - one compound, lots of versatility.

Meanwhile the new Power SuperSport Evo boasts more manoeuvrability with an enhanced front tyre agility for greater confidence, plus a rear tyre that benefits from the same Michelin ACT construction. Thanks to Michelin 2CT (Dual Compound Technology) at the front and Michelin 2CT+ at the rear, Power SuperSport Evo tyres also deliver outstanding grip in dry and wet conditions. On the track the adaptable ‘low pressure’ casing of Power SuperSport Evo tyres ensures a bigger contact patch for added grip and higher track performance.

Ex-double world champion Terry Rymer from GTC Motorcycle gave his thoughts on the new Michelin offering. Terry said: “We’re excited about the new Power Cup Evo tyre, after testing on track this morning I can confirm it gives great feedback, particularly mid-corner and any bumps are just soaked up. This new tyre is something of a game-changer for track riders as there is no need to ponder on which tyre to fit when you’re at the circuit – the Power Cup Evo does it all. We’re expecting to see a huge impact from Michelin’s forthcoming return to MotoGP next year – it’s fantastic to see them back at the top-end of the sport and this will make a big difference to our Michelin sales.”

Director at GTC Motorcycle, Matt Sunderland said: “The new rubber from Michelin has a widespread working range and therefore makes it easier for riders to make a tyre choice, and thanks to today’s testing we’re able to say with confidence these new tyres will suit our customers' varied needs. The UK track day market is healthy at the moment, and it is good for us a business that Michelin has recognised this and responded with appropriate products giving us something new to offer customers.”

Stef Winman from Tyres4Bikes.co.uk commented: “Today has been a good day, we like the informal atmosphere and the chance to really put the new products to the test with several track sessions throughout the day. We know the Michelin brand identity is very strong but we always want to reassure our customers they’re buying the perfect tyre to suit their needs. The new SuperSport Evo is fantastic as a mainstream combined road and track tyre – a really smart all-rounder. While the new Power Cup Evo and Power Slick Evo are more in tune with racer demands, our initial feedback is very good. Plus Michelin’s return to MotoGP in 2016 can only be a positive thing for us, as we know that our customers like to be on top of ‘tyre fashions’ so to speak – they want to buy into MotoGP calibre brands.”

The full range of Michelin motorcycle tyres can be seen at www.moto.michelin.uk

For trade enquiries contact Simon Winstanley, National Sales Manager, simon.winstanley@uk.michelin.com