August 13 2015.

When it comes to front fork rebuilds it is often either desirable, or indeed necessary, to replace all the components that are subject to wear, tear or contamination all in one go. However, sourcing each individual component can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Award-winning trade parts specialist WMD offers a one stop shop solution, stocking everything needed for fork maintenance, repair or replacement for a wide range of modern and modern classic motorcycles.

Over 1000 different fork tubes are held in stock at WMD’s Sussex warehouse, with both standard and USD pattern tubes available. Finished in Chrome or Titanium Nitride coating in gold, copper or black to suit the original application, fork tubes can also be made to order in non-standard colours, offering an even wider range for non-standard or custom applications.

A range of progressive fork springs are also available and these provide better suspension and handling performance over standard, non-progressive springs.

An extensive selection of dust and oil seals, fork valves, protectors, fork seal retaining clips, high quality inner and outer bushings and a full range of fork oils are also available from stock.

WMD also caters for off-road suspension applications, stocking a range of fork gaiters in red, yellow, blue or black for many popular models.

Listed to each model, fork parts are easy to find at www.wmd-online.com and are also easy to fit with the WMD selection of fork tools, cleaning materials and lubricants.

High stock quantities are held at WMD's Sussex warehouse and next day delivery service is standard.

Top trade discounts apply.

Free UK shipping on orders over £100.

Contact: WMD. Web: www.wmd-online.com Email: sales@wmd-online.com Tel: 01273 595746